Did you manage to get a .radio domain name? We did!

radioinfo is now part of the world wide group of radio related businesses to have secured a dot radio domain name.

People interested in radio can now find us at www.radioinfo.radio, as well as the usual place at www.radioinfo.com.au.

Why is this important?

Because many people search on specific top level domains to narrow their field of interest. Radio people are pretty savvy in the ways of the internet and we encouraged radio stations to be part of the Dot Radio domain name movement.

The advent of smart speakers will also make the domain name more important than originally thought. The new devices, powered by search engines and artificial intelligence, will be able to find stations more easily if they sit in the Dot Radio domain.

We wanted to put our money where our mouth is, so we applied for a .radio domain ourselves.

The process was handled through the EBU, which checked the bonafides of anyone applying for one of the industry specific domain names. We found it very smooth.

Once we had the right to use our Dot Radio domain, we then needed to point the DNS entry to our current website, so that anyone who searched on that domain would end up at this site. The process took our IT guy less than half an hour. “It required setting the DNS servers for the new domain and then setting up a redirect on the server from that domain to the radioinfo site.”

If you managed to get one of the prized .radio top level domains, let us know and tell us whether the process was easy or not.

Some who managed to get the domain and have already activated it include: the next.radio conference, German stations WDR.radio and Antenne.radio, dance stations deep.radio and gone.radio, French station woot.radio, Michigan country music station WWBR.radio, US Christian stations WCIC.radio and Victory.radio, radar.radio, Irish station sunshine.radio, UK Community station Winchester.radio, and others.

When the Dot Radio domain name was first released, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) won the right to vet applicants in the first year to make sure that real broadcast radio stations got first choice of names related to their companies and to prevent cyber-squatters hoarding names then selling them later at inflated prices. Now that a year has passed, Dot Radio domain name purchasing will revert to being available online just like any other .com, .com.au, .biz, .org, or other domains.

See details of the domain name process here and here in our previous reports.

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