Digital Delivery Network Launched

Community Radio’s Digital Delivery Network (DDN) was launched at the CBAA conference, bringing a new era to the Community Sector. The new system will deliver audio and data via the sector’s existing satellite network directly to station computers, so that staff no longer have to roll tapes over satellite feeds at various times to get the programs they want for replay.

The development of the DDN will enable automated recording and storage of satellite programs for later replay; distribution of audio, images and data such as the AMRAP music releases; and easier access to and distribution of smaller audio items such as CSAs, serials and interviews for inclusing in station programming. David Sice, the main player in the development of the system, said “it is an exciting initiative that will unlock further utility for the sector’s successful satellite service.”

Sice has also developed an access program with the interim name “Plaything” that will allow stations to preview and playout the audio, information and pictures that arrive from the satellite feeds. The program uses readily accessible browser technology and standard audio playout technology which will put a lot of power into the hands of station users. Community Broadcasting Grants will be made available for stations which want to buy new equipment to facilitate installation of the new system.

Community Radio Satellite coordinator Jim Beetson urged all stations to take advantage of the new system to expand the amount of programming they take and called for stations to submit shorter features and segments for distribution through the new system. While shorter segments have been in high demand from most stations, the logistics of distributing them through the previous satellite system made it hard to access and record them. The new DDN solves that problem. The launch of the DDN and the implementation of CBAA as a registered training organisation were two of the most important developments of this year’s conference.