Fast-Talk Monitoring

A new monitoring product is being introduced to the American market this month at an Expo in Washington. The product, called Fast-Talk allows users to search through hours of recorded talk content for any spoken word or phrase in seconds a facility that may be useful for some radio stations.

Greg Watson from Australian distributor Qasar Communications says: “Fast-Talk Communications has created the world,s only audio searching technology that enables extremely accurate, high-speed searching of audio and video content. Based on identifying phonemes the smallest units of speech Fast-Talk audio searching technology can identify and retrieve any word, proper name, or phrase, regardless of speaker or spelling, with up to 98% accuracy. Fast-Talk,s patent-pending technology is being utilized in government and commercial markets for media asset management, real-time monitoring and alerting, and call center quality assurance. The revolutionary phonetic technology was developed over five years at the Georgia Institute of Technology.” For more information visit or contact +61 2 9436 0136