DMG pays out to get listeners in

Perth’s 93.7 and smoothfm, Sydney and Melbourne have given $192,668 in three days.

On Friday Nova’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun handed over $61,468 to Naomi, a mother of 2 from Mandurah, for winning their Loose Change comp in a joint promotion with Channel 7.

nathanrollinginit_200Listeners had to guess exactly how much money, between $50,000 and $70,000, was in a pile of Loose Change. Channel 7 gave out clues each night for the past three weeks.

After calling in with a guess that was ‘right on the money,’ Naomi and her husband, Colin rushed in to the Nova Studios to collect their $61,468 winnings in $1 coins.

The smoothfm give away at $131,200 was probably more cost efficient given that the promotion has gone almost three months from June 4 and involved two markets.

In their first major competition since launch, listeners had to identify the four ‘secret smooth star’ voices, in the correct order, to win the jackpot.

The female celebrities, singer Kelly Clarkson and actor Natalie Portman, were the first to be identified with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet the third celebrity correctly guessed.

Last week, with only one celebrity left to guess, smoothfm’s phone lines in Sydney and Melbourne rang off the hook, till finally on Monday afternoon,32 year old Jennifer from Melbourne correctly identified Rob Lowe as the fourth and final smooth star. 

Jennifer said, “Are you serious? I can’t believe it; this is the first time I have won anything. I have been doing a spreadsheet, I have been listening every hour and I’ve been trying every day.”

What chance she gets a diary from Nielsen?