Family Tragedy for 2UE’s Paul Murray

With tears in his eyes it was all Jason Morrison could do to tell his 2UE breakfast listeners the sad news of complications with the birth of Paul Murray’s much anticipated little boy, Leo to his wife Sian. It was revealed that the little boy had died on Sunday after a 24 hour struggle to survive.

Morrison and Murray are very close friends whose radio careers have been intertwined since they first got into the business.

Morrison became the father of a healthy baby boy, Charles, in March this year. He is absolutely devastated at his friend’s misfortune.

Paul was not on air yesterday, and according to a 2UE spokesperson, “He will be away for as long as he needs.”

We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.

You can leave your messages of support for Sian, Paul Murray and family here or on the 2UE website.