Do you know why more people don’t enter contests?

The reason more people don’t enter contests, even those that are free, is because they feel the chance or winning is so low they just don’t bother.

Well here’s a contest you where you have great odds of winning  your choice of a brand new iPhone X (as soon as it’s released) or a Samsung Galaxy Notebook8.

It’s your choice. 

You still have time to enter. The winner will be drawn tomorrow at 6:30 pm (Friday Oct 13 at the after Conference drinks)

There are two ways to enter. Here’s how:

1. Send us a screen shot of your updated and current Faces for Radio profile.
If you don’t already have one It’s free, just register and create one @  
Send your entries to [email protected]
Note: Entries close Midday, tomorrow – Friday Oct 13, 2017.

2. If you are at the CRA Radio Alive Conference in Melbourne tomorrow drop your business card into the bin provided on the RCS stand and join us for a drink aferwards where we’ll draw the winner.

If you want two entries in the draw, you can do both – send in a screenshot of your Faces for Radio page AND join us for CRA’s after conference drinks.

Compared to your regular radio listener contest, the odd of wnning this one are very good indeed.

It’s just a matter of which one you want. The iPhone X

Or The Samsung Galaxy Note8



And while you’re at the Radio Alive Conference, go along to Steve Ahern’s session on  “Journalism in difficult environments.” Then join us after the conference for drinks. Our shout!

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