Do your radio sites exploit m-commerce enough?

3.4 million adult Australians used an m-commerce service during December 2013, a staggering increase of 448% in just three years, according to the latest ACMA research.

The new research about the take up of mobile commerce (banking, paying bills, or buying goods and services online using a mobile) shows that, of those accessing the internet on their mobile phone during December 2013, 41% undertook an m-commerce transaction, with use by those aged 25–34 reaching 55%.

People aged 25–34 recorded the most significant increase in m-commerce transactions — 31 percentage points — since December 2010.

Of those who performed m-commerce activities on their mobile phone, 57% undertook a shopping activity online, while 85% undertook a banking activity online.

PCs still lead the way for e-commerce transactions, even though m-commerce is increasing, with banking online via a PC being 27 percentage points higher than the proportion of people using their mobile phones for online banking.

How many bank ads are on your station’s website and apps? The research shows this is one of the biggest consumer growth areas in m-commerce.

Researching products and services online is also a significant proportion of m-commerce usage. Radio is experienced in delivering product sampling, through promos and street cars, but is this being replicated on your website or app?

Australian radio websites and mobile apps generate huge traffic, and good revenue from display advertising, but there are also additonal ways to monetise sales, directly through shopping carts and in-app purchasing, that are not yet fully exploited by most Australian radio stations.

The full ACMA report is available here.

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