‘Don’t be that guy’

Triple M’s Tom & Olly get behind marriage equality.

Triple M Melbourne and Sydney comedy duo Tom & Olly have shown their support for the ‘Yes’ vote, in the latest commercial for the Australian Marriage Equality group.

The video depicts the pair discussing historic equality debates that have informed Australian legislative decisions. In the video, Tom presents Olly with a potted history of the women’s vote and Indigenous vote in Australia.

‘I don’t know. I just think this one’s different’, replies Olly, playing the role of ‘the guy’ in the clip’s title, ‘Don’t be that guy.’

‘With Tom being gay, and myself often being mistaken as gay, we wanted to contribute to the marriage debate in a positive way. And being on Triple M, we made this video particularly with males in mind, and tried to present them with some cold hard facts that will hopefully illuminate the way forward regarding the vote,’ Olly said. 

Watch the video below. 


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