Bill Shorten bests Kate Ritchie in quick draw

Today on Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty, Bill Shorten did what the PM couldn’t.

As reported by radioinfo last week, Kate beat the Prime Minister in his on-air quick draw battle, only to lose to Shorten yesterday. 

Maintaining the more relaxed style being adopted by both the PM and Shorten for their FM radio appearances, the Opposition Leader chatted with the team about still keeping in touch with the Beaconsfield miners, Malcolm Turnbull’s competitive streak, and preparing his daughter’s school lunches. 

And it turns out Shorten was bumped last week for the PM’s failed shot at quick draw. Asked Tim, ‘Are you gracing us with your presence because you heard Malcolm Turnbull get whooped last week?’

‘Technically, we asked to go before him and then you brought him on after you’d made a date with me, I got bumped for the Malcolmator,’ said Shorten. 

See the video below:



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