Dont believe everything you read about Kyle and Jack in the newspaper: Craig Bruce

“There haven’t been any negotiations with ARN. I am the source and I am the real story and there haven’t been any up until this point so don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper,” says SCA’s Head of Content Craig Bruce.

And ARN’s Network Content Director Duncan Campbell pretty much backs him up to the extent that there were no talks with the 2Day breakfast duo prior to the announcement that they would not return to the station next year. However, he admits that, “Talks are on, but nothing’s been agreed.”

Craig Bruce is skeptical about any move to ARN suggesting, “Mix would have to change format to take on Kyle and Jack and I don’t think that Sydney is big enough for three top 40 radio stations. They’d probably have to change their brand and they’d probably have to change their client list.

“That’s all possible and it’s not to say that they won’t do it. Still, I’m not convinced that it’s (discussions are) a long way down the track like you read in the papers. But I could be wrong too,” says Bruce

In terms of changing the station, Campbell says, “Look, we haven’t thought about any of that. The announcement (that they’re leaving) was on Friday, it’s now Monday. I think everyone’s leaping a long way ahead of where the game is at present.

“But why wouldn’t we talk to them. It just makes sense. People forget with the Kyle and Jackie O Show just how successful it is,” says Campbell. 

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