Drive to work, on yer bike or go public? Brig & Lehmo tell Melbourne

One of the hottest and most contentious topics in our biggest capitals is traffic. It’s good for radio – and not just as a topic – the longer people are stuck in it, the longer they listen. But ultimately its frustrating for all of us, forced to spend more and more time in transit. So, this morning that ever-helpful breakfast duo Brig & Lehmo at Gold 104.3 FM based in Richmond decided to conduct an experiment to see whether it was faster to get to their studios by car, push bike or public transport from suburban Nunawading.

Starting at 8am from Nunawading Station they had three celebrities; one driving, one cycling and another taking public transport for the 20-23km trek that Google maps say should take no longer than 30 minutes.


  • Charlie Pickering from Network Ten’s “The Project” was on his bike as he loves riding on two wheels; from riding his BMX into a tree after his training wheels were taken off to the 120 bomb that got him through the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2007.


  • Legendary Collingwood footballer Shane Wakelin who famously sold his prized V8 1972 Mercedes-Benz and started catching public transport to training and matches took the train.


  • Channel 7’s “Dancing with the Stars” Judge Josh Horner took off his tap shoes and got behind the wheel of the Gold 104.3 Roadie Car

Australian long distance champion Steve Moneghetti called in to the show to brag that he could run the distance in under 75 minutes.

The Australian Traffic Network Chopper gave listeners a bird’s eye view of the trip and GPS trackers showed the participants travels online in real time via a dedicated website. 

And the winner is…

In the end it took just 41 minutes for Shane Wakelin to get from Nunawading to Richmond with public transport.

Coming in second was Josh in the car at 49 minutes.

Sadly celebrity cyclist, Charlie Pickering was last into the studio taking 53 minutes.

A big thanks to Clint Drieberg,?Executive Producer – Brig & Lehmo For Breakfast who sent us this story. Don’t be shy, keep ‘em coming folks. – Ed.