Early Christmas present for smooth listener

 22-year-old Abigail from Victoria has won $56,100 by guessing smoothfm’s Mystery Word – the biggest Mystery Word win to-date – just in time for Christmas!
In the fourth Mystery Word tactic that smoothfm has aired this year, smooth listeners have been attempting to guess “who Barry Gibb was listening to in his car” since 10 October.
Abigail and her boyfriend Anthony had been trying to get through for the last few weeks, and yesterday to her surprise, Abigail successfully guessed that it was Enrique who Barry Gibb was listening to.
Abigail, from Armadale in Victoria, is an avid smoothfm fan. At her job at National Storage in Glen Iris they listen to smoothfm all day and Abigail ensures she listens on her commute to work.
With her winnings, Abigail and Anthony are planning on a holiday to Japan and upgrading to business class to spoil themselves. 

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