Em and Harley take over nights on the hit network

2Day FM‘s breakfast show, Em Rusciano with Harley Breen, will take over the 7-8pm weeknights timeslot across the Hit Network from tonight.
In a recent GfK radio survey the breakfast show gained 33,000 new female listeners under 40*. 
According to SCA Em Rusciano with Harley Breen’s Facebook community has over 13.6 million video views on Facebook alone. Their online community is especially engaged and interact online 2.5 times higher than other breakfast show competitor pages.
The Hit Network’s Head of Content, Gemma Fordham says “Our listeners tell us they connect with, and relate to, Em. Her candour and the way she tells a story with such heart and humour is resonating with them. Listeners from outside Sydney have told us they too want to be able to listen to the show.  We are thrilled to be able to answer that call and continue to build on Em and Harley’s super engaged community across the country“.

Rove and Sam previously hosted nights on Hit finishing up on June 30.

A spokesperson for SCA told radioinfo, “Rove’s remaining within the SCA family and working on a new project with another part of our business. Sam’s contract has now ended and we wish her well with her up coming TV work.”

The former Bachelorette is heading back to reality television competing in Hell’s Kitchen.

Ironically it was Em and Harley who replaced Rove and Sam on breakfast.


*GfK radio survey 4

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