emergence.fm the new era of radio audience testing: NAB RadioShow

emergence.fm has been unveiled at the 2015 Radio Show in Atlanta.

It is a new hosted music testing platform that provides stations with the ability to know exactly what music their audience loves, hates, is passionate about and is tired of hearing, all in real-time.  

Radio stations now have the ability to generate in-depth, customisable, high-quality audience research at a lower cost than traditional research firms.

The platform was built in partnership with web application developer Eldarion to offer key features that differentiate it from other audience testing solutions.

Emergence.fm includes robust reporting capabilities and an easy-to-use, intuitive design, enabling stations to easily create a 30 song test in less than five minutes. 

Other key features include:

  • Feature-rich audience data analytics: Drill down by location, gender, age, and more. View and sort a list of every person that’s taken your test.
  • The platform can Identify “stealth hits” and songs with high “tired scores”
  • Powerful test management dashboard: View, manage, filter and sort current and past tests and test results for all your stations in all of your markets.
  • Unlimited use rights: With an Emergence Brand License, customers can create an unlimited number of tests with as many songs as desired.

The emergence.fm platform also enables stations to easily post surveys to Facebook and Twitter, embed surveys on their websites and send survey invitations through email.

CEO of emergence.fm, Michael Wright said:

“emergence.fm enables stations to gather and analyse valuable, actionable audience information instantly and affordably.

“At the same time, the platform provides audience members with a new means of communicating with their station that we believe improves brand loyalty and brand awareness.”

Results from beta tests of emergence.fm by 25 radio stations in the United States have been overwhelmingly positive.  

Jason Hillery of 93Rock (WRQE) and The Drive (WYDR) in Green Bay, Wisconsin said:

“They have better back-end reporting than services I’ve used before, the end-user experience is amazing, the website is fast, and I’m in control of the data.”

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Michael Wright told radioinfo’s Steve Ahern how his family owned radio network invented the software because there were no other products available that would give them the information they needed.


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