England cricket team bans Triple M

A spokesperson for the English Cricket team has refused Triple M access to players adding: “There’ll be no interviews for Triple M on this tour after the events of the past week”.

Those ‘events’ that the English cricket team’s minder was referring to are the Triple M Sky Sledging banners that have been flown around Brisbane in recent days. The sledging banners are also planned for Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney but will not be flown over the Cricket Grounds.

The planes are carrying fun-fuelled messages referencing the team’s Kevin ‘KP’ Pietersen and include “Enjoying Brissy yet KP?” and “KP, you’re not even English” plus “Who needs five days? Go Aussies!”

KP has this morning had some fun-spirited twitter conversation with Triple M: 

Head of Triple M Mike Fitzpatrick said:  “It’s ok for KP to sledge Brisbane saying it’s boring, but it’s not OK for us to have a bit of fun at their expense? It’s just not cricket. I’m glad to see Kevin has more of a sense of humour than the stuffy English minders. Maybe they’re a little bit sensitive after the belting we gave them in the first test. By the time they get to Sydney the Triple M Sky Sledging will be the least of their worries!”