Enjoy Triple M’s Taylor Swift versions while you can

This was a great concept nailed by some exceptional performances. Triple M, the rock station, seized the zeitgeist that is Taylor Swift and decided so enlist some of their own core rock artists to record some of her hits. You can watch and listen to them all now, but not for long, for as Dave Gleeson sings, we are never, ever getting back together.

Let’s start there. Dave told you Taylor.

Dave Gleeson is the host of Triple M Nights.

The host of Triple M Homegrown, celebrating all things Australian music, is Matt O’Gorman, better known on air as Matty O. He’s also the drummer for British India. They covered ‘You’re On Your Own Kid’.

Sarah McLeod of The Superjesus covered Taylor’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ saying:

“It’s such a good song… Hope you like it!”

This one I wouldn’t have picked as Diesel if it didn’t tell me.

Birds of Tokyo and their version of ‘Blank Space’.

And Ian Moss, never going out of ‘Style’.

And just in case you missed it the first time around, Paul Kelly kicked things off with ‘Anti-Hero’.

Ian Moss photo: Robert Hambling

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