Mason Cox wants to make amends on Nova 100’s breakfast show

It’s the photo going viral for all the right reasons.

Collingwood player Mason Cox was at the MCG last weekend, not to play football but to watch Taylor Swift. That in itself is no big deal but this six foot eleven man was standing in front of some girls who perhaps didn’t get the best view as a result (see if you can spot him in the picture). Cox called Ben, Liam and Belle on Nova 100‘s breakfast show this morning looking to make amends.

Liam: Now you must have felt terrible going into that gig Mason.

Mason: So absolutely dreadful. I was excited. I was hyped. And I was like, maybe we’ll get an aisle seat. I can just stand in the aisle – No! Middle of the row no options whatsoever. And I gave them a bit of chocolate before the thing started. And I was like, this is my way of saying I’m sorry and I don’t think it probably was enough.

Belle: Are we right in saying these poor girls that are behind you, are you wanting to apologise and find who they are?

Mason: That is 100% true… I was gonna turn around and say, hey, apologies for me being a jerk and jumping around like an absolute idiot for the last three and a half hours in front of you. I’ll give you tickets to a game that you want to from Collingwood football club but I turned around they were gone… Yeah, they’re probably still pissed off. But no, I do want to find them. I do want to find them. I do want to get them some tickets to a game this year because they were so excited. Everyone there was. It still so electric and everyone loved it. And it was such a great time. And I feel so bad with them sitting behind me after paying all the money and everything else and then probably not even seeing Taylor Swift.

Ben, Liam & Belle can be heard from 6am to 9am on Melbourne’s Nova 100. or via the daily podcast. To the girls behind Mason, get in touch – he promises he’ll be on the field this time.

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