European Radio Symposium – Barcelona, November

The 2002 European Radio Symposium is being held on 13th November in Barcelona, Spain.

Convergence, digitisation and electronic audience measurement will be key topics tackled in this year’s symposium.

“Radio is coming to terms with the new
media environment and, especially the
transition from analogue to digital that
will shape its future development. Radio operates in a rapidly
changing world – still rather differently
to television, but these differences
are converging.

Electronic audience measurement will be a big part of that future.
How useful have the more detailed data
available from radio meters proved to
be? Is there a way in which
these data could be used together with
diary data? What do we know about
minimum levels of pressure required
for effective radio advertising? How
can consumer panel data help target
radio advertising better? “

The two opening papers look to the
immediate future and provide an account
of how radio is performing currently in
different European markets, then the conference goes on to discuss the big research
debate – how to measure radio audiences.

The conference will also hear of
work being conducted in Italy and Germany
on determining the effective level of
pressure for radio advertising, and targeting
more effectively through the use of
consumer data.

Speakers will include:

Paul Brown, Chief Executive CRCA & Chairman, World DAB European Affairs Committee

Chris Mundy Controller, Audience and Consumer Research
BBC & Tony Twyman
Technical Consultant

Jay Guyther
V-P International
Business Development

Matthias Steinmann

David Rogerson
Managing Director
Strategic Media Solutions

Roberto Roseano
Research Director
Media Italia

Hans-Peter Gassner
Research Manager
ARD Werbung

A TV Symposium also runs in parallel with the radio event.


Radio: Wednesday, 13th November

Television: Thursday, 14th November & Friday, 15th November


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