The Fairfaxisation of 2GB

Everything old is new again!

Radio Green Room moderator Jose Auditore found a blast from the past in his archives, which reminded him of the current merger of Fairfax Media and Macquarie Radio Network’s 2GB.

In 1979, Fairfax had taken over 2GB and appointed Max Suich (pictured) to “steer 2GB out of it’s rating’s mire.”

Former National Times and SMH editor, Suich, had been appointed to “revive one of Sydney’s less fashionable stations.” His plan was to put the corporate weight of Fairfax behind the then ailing station. Suich was appointed to the job after the former manager, Ron Hurst, resigned.

In his first moves, Suich appointed Mike Carlton and Mike Gibson to key presenting roles.

The shoe is on the other foot now. In the most recent merger, 2GB is the dominant partner and Fairfax Media’s 2UE is the weaker sibling.

As the new ratings season is about to begin for 2015, it is interesting to take a look back at this piece of radio history from the 1979 edition of Advertising News.

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