Farewell to 2UE veteran of 25 years

There were plenty of tributes, tears and tall stories as friends and former colleagues gathered at Luna Park to celebrate Karen Parker-Dolan’s 25 year career at 2UE coming to an end. 

In 1991 Karen applied for a job in accounts, never thinking she would get it, nor that it would lead to a career lasting a quarter of a century working alongside some of the biggest names in Australian radio. 

From accounts Karen moved into traffic and eventually became the National Traffic manager for the Fairfax radio network, which later included 2GB and 2CH in the merger with Macquarie Radio. 

Radio being the way it is there’s always more than your job to do.. Frequent stints on the phone on reception and the on air switch, OH&S equal opportunity officer and of course, “Hey Kaz we need a female voice for this ad, can you help us out?” 

The old saying ‘if you want something done give it to a busy person’ Karen is well known for going above and beyond to meet all sorts of deadlines, help out with something in the ‘too hard basket’ that isn’t even her job and still have time to help a co-worker through a tough spot. 

Karen is leaving MML to follow her dream working with animals at the RAS NSW as Manager, Sydney Royal Easter Show Competitions & Events. She will be joining other former MML staff at the RAS, Murray Wilton and Paul Bowd.

Karen is in front in orange. In photo former GMs Tim McDermott and Paul Bowd. Other former colleagues Jock Kelso, Rohan Delaney, Cameron Price, Alastair Reynolds, Tim Millgate, Jim Dolan, Mark Aquino, Paul Avery, Gary Marshall, Lisa Jones, Alex Smith, Reanna Price, Trevor Farrugia , Mel Russo, Dave Marcelino, Tiffany Mulcahy, Donna Sinclair, Josh Doney, Steve Molchanoff, The two Murrays -Murray WIlton & Murray Olds ,Stephanie Crockford. Rose Dunn and Glenette Silver were there but not in photo.