FBi the first to install AirNet

The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project’s AirNet is now complete, with FBi Radio 94.5fm being the first station to completely integrate the new initiative with its website.

AirNet allows the station’s website to interrogate the playout computer and present playlist info and song links to people reading the website. The initiative system goes further than the usual ‘song now playing’ windows of most station websites, because website readers can see the full program playlist, artist info, linked videos and social network content.

Amrap created AirNet “to bridge the gap between radio airplay and Artist’s online promotions.” Amrap hopes that the program will draw radio listeners onto the internet, to interact with Artists that are broadcast on radio stations nationwide.

FBi broadcasters are now using AirNet to log all music played on their program and upload enriched content to their individual program pages. radioinfo explored Stephen Ferris’ morning show page, which illustrates what the system can do (below).

AirNet connects a station’s radio airplay with the internet, reconciling radio and online promotions. It does this by drawing radio listeners online, to interact with artists that are broadcast on Australian community stations. The current release, version one, is compliant with APRA logging, so stations can use it for APRA airplay reports.

When broadcasters enter a track and artist name into their playlist, AirNet will search Google Images, Wikipedia, Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion for artist content relevant to the music that is logged. The broadcaster can then review and approve this general content for display, and also add their own content to the program page, by typing text or embedding videos, photos and weblinks.

The result is that listeners can visit their favorite radio program’s webpage to discover artists, videos, bios, photos and weblinks. Airnet is digital radio ready, and also connects stations with a suite of web applications and plugins.

The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) is a community radio initiative. It works with musicians and community broadcasters, to increase the quantity of Australian music played nationally, as well as the speed that it is delivered.

Amrap offers services for signed and unsigned Australian artists, major and independent record labels and all community radio stations around Australia. It is funded by the Department of Broadband, Communication and Digital Economy through the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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