FCT survey offers insights into buying habits of radio listeners

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) and Presslaff Interactive Revenue have released the second in the series of Finding Consumer Trend (FCT) reports (in detail here), offering insights into the lifestyle interests and spending intentions of regional radio listeners.
Grocery Shopping was the subject of the latest study and more than 2100 listeners from across 96 stations throughout Australia took part in the online survey between 23 March and 15 April. 

The Grocery Shopping report includes local data, with the results providing radio stations and advertisers with information into audiences’ store preferences and what add-ons enhance their shopping experience. 

Respondents provided in-depth data on when and where they preferred to shop, their meal planning and preparation, and the technology they used when selecting and buying groceries. 

National Key Insights include:

  • Average Spend: Just over 40% are spending $101-250 per shop

  • Preferences: Woolworths and Coles are top tier players for over 70% of respondents

  • Shopping Frequency: Almost half the respondents shop 2 to 3 times a week

  • Shopping Daypart: Mornings are the most popular time to shop

  • Important Features: Top 3 – Pricing, Location and Parking

  • Specialty Items: Top 3 – In-house butcher, wine/alcohol and organic

  • Conveniences: Number 1 is self-serve check-out, followed by Banking and Online shopping

The results data is useful for advertisers, agencies and direct sales, giving insights into how people show and who they shop for.

Some of the results suggest that suppliers of ingredients to make up meals will find a receptive audience amongst radio listeners, and that smaller supermarket chains could potentially attract clients away from the majors if they take out some more radio advertising.


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