Festival of the Boot is back with Roy and H.G.

The 2014 banner for the Boot is ‘Team Australia, Operation Sink the Slipper’

As always, H.G. sums it up best.

“The 2014 football season has been a year of suspensions, high hits, turtling tackles, going the grope and chicken wings.

“The season has not been without its critics, but quality football shone through the distracting disappointment.”

Celebrating the climax of the 2014 footy year, ABC NewsRadio once again presents The Festival of the Boot – and, once again, it’s a two prong affair, covering both the Australian Football League (AFL) and National Rugby League (NRL) Grand Finals.

The Boot Part One – the AFL Grand Final from 2pm AEST, Saturday 27 September, live from the MCG.

The Boot Part Two – the NRL Grand Final, 7pm ADST, Sunday October 5, live from the Olympic Stadium.

Rampaging Roy Slaven, a man who played 347 games for the Lithgow Shamrocks, is calling the action. And why not? He turned out at the representative level on 77 occasions and was winner of the Cyril Duffy Medal on a record breaking nine occasions.

Joining Roy behind the ABC NewsRadio card table on the sideline is H.G. Nelson. This very safe pair of hands, wearing the heavy duty surgical gloves, will bring listeners every bump, thump and dump of both Boots. Both will be talking extensively about on paddock operational matters.

Roy Slaven summed up this year’s Boot with the following fascinating observation:

“Team Australia is the side they all want to be in, because it is chockablock full of grunt and poke with not a pillow in sight. Just ask the Brick with Eyes”.

H.G. Nelson believes “2014 could be the best Festival ever. With everyone rooting for Team Australia, the nation is united as never before, under the banner of the Boot”.

ABC NewsRadio Manager Helen Thomas says. “Roy and H.G. epitomise the essence of NewsRadio and our comprehensive news coverage; truth be told, their incisive commentary is the only coverage of these premier events footy fans need!”


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