Fifi Box weighs in on the refugee crisis

A different tone for the Fifi & Dave show on FoxFM this morning as Fifi Box addressed the issues at Nauru and the 10,000 people that rallied at Treasury Gardens in Melbourne last night.


“We need to talk about Nauru, we all need to talk about Nauru,” Box declared.

“I think we use words like refugee, we distance ourselves with words like that, with detention centres. We tend to politicise all of this we leave it for the politicians they’ll deal with it”

“These are children and that little photo of that gorgeous little three year old last week he is a child he has been born into a country he is trying to escape because his family are being oppressed, the fear of their lives, these are people. And then they come to our country and they get put into a Nauru detention centre” 

Box went on to list the dangers of Nauru and how it has been declared unsafe for children. Alleged stats are 253 committed self-harm, 67 child abuses allegations (30 of which are against staff), 33 rape allegations she explains.

“You don’t get into the water unless the land is more unsafe than those treacherous than those waters,” Dave Thornton added.

Both Fifi and Dave questioned the Australian Governments way of handling the refugee crisis in an emotional discussion with Fifi closing out the segment by simply stating,“we need to act”.

You can listen to the full segment here.

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