Final Day of Adele Challenge: Will Evonne last?

10 hours to go…200 more times to listen to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

48-year-old Evonne has almost survived 5 days, 1500 times listening to Adele’s famous hit, Rolling in the Deep in order to win two gold tickets to see Adele at The Gabba, Sunday.

92.7 Mix FM’s Breakfast Duo Mark & Caroline, have been keeping tabs on Evonne throughout the day as she dances her way to victory.

Mark Darin says, “Such a big effort, she must truly love Adele. We’ve just found the world’s biggest Adele fan still dancing to Adele after 5 days!”

Caroline Hutchinson says, “I just want to be there on Sunday night when Adele sings Rolling in the Deep and watch Evonne start rocking and sucking her thumb.”

Evonne has been fed and watered, with minimal breaks and visitors, listening to Rolling in the Deep from 4am to 7pm each day. She hasn’t been allowed to sleep or even close her eyes with the whole thing being broadcast via Facebook Live

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