Fine Music 102.5 rebrands as Fine Music Sydney

Fine Music 102.5, formerly known as 2MBS is rebranding as Fine Music Sydney.
The station was officially opened on 1 February 1975 and has now been on air for over 45 years;  the station’s General Manager Rebecca Beare says this small change is a predictable step for the organisation.
“As Fine Music Sydney prepares for the future, it is critical that we retain our established values while we develop a new and modern identity as we prepare for the digital future. Fine Music Sydney’s mission is: To be Sydney’s preferred broadcaster of classical music, jazz and other specialist genre, while nurturing emerging musicians and new music through active support.
“This is an exciting time for us as the rebranding reflects both the evolution of Fine Music in the current digital age while recognising who, what and where we are.”
Reacting to recent advances in technology over the last 3 years, and acknowledging that listeners are always finding more and more ways to tune in, the organisation decided that it was a crucial step to rebrand, ensuring that their station could be found easily when listeners engaged with AI, in particular, smart speakers.
Mrs. Beare explained: “We would often receive listener technical support queries from frustrated listeners who were picking up Fine Music in Africa rather than Fine Music in Sydney when they asked their smart speaker to tune into ‘Fine Music’. Now we have made it much easier for any listener to find us anywhere on any platform.”

 The Board and Staff of Fine Music Sydney
L-R Eddie Bernasconi, David Jacobs, Sharon Sullivan, Rebecca Beare, Christopher Waterhouse
Bottom row: L-R Peter Stavrianos, Jayson McBride, Robert Gilchrist, Sue Ping Kee, David James, Katie Rogers-Davies, Mona Omar, Peter Poole, Roger Doyle




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