Fiona Stanley ‘misrepresenting’ The Australian newspaper

The Australian has hit back at Fiona Stanley’s criticism of the newspaper after an article yesterday where Stanley took aim at The Oz for what she said was a “vicious and sustained campaign” against the national broadcaster.

A report and an editorial in today’s Australian say Stanley’s opinion is wrong.

The editorial said:

Writing in the Fairfax press yesterday, ABC board member Fiona Stanley stridently defended the accuracy of the public broadcaster but her piece contained errors and wildly inaccurate claims. If this is considered an appropriate standard at the pinnacle of the organisation, it is little wonder Aunty’s news and current affairs programs so often fall short…


Professor Stanley made hysterical claims that the ABC is subjected to “harassment” by The Australian, which she claims is running a “vicious” campaign that is damaging the broadcaster and the nation. She accused this newspaper of demanding the ABC be privatised. She could not be more wrong. We have never called for that.

As readers will know, we provide extensive coverage of the national broadcaster, analysing its programs and personnel, triumphs and misdeeds, precisely because we believe it is a crucial institution. We expect it to live up to its charter obligations to provide news and current affairs that is fair, accurate and pluralistic. We often report cases where it fails and now we see a similar failing at board level.

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