First day on air for Rusciano, Denyer and Kavalee

“I felt like my holiday went for 12 years…”

After a good rest, Em Rusciano jumped back to her 2Day breakfast show this morning with new co-hosts Grant Denyer and Ed Kavalee.

Kavalee told the pair he “looked up” to Denyer and Rusciano. The pair, who are both of short stature, (almost) resisted the urge to pay out on Kavalee saying, “when you have two comics in the room… I want you to know the self restraint it takes to hold back on that.”

The team discussed each other, social media and “family stuff” in their first few breaks on air, which can be heard here and here.

The team began the year with new imaging, which did not acknowledge the previous ‘Hits and Old School” theme.

There also appeared to be a change in music, with more 80s and early 90s tracks being played in the show. Unexpected artists included: George Michael, Michael Jackson, The Choirboys, Madonna, The B52s, Roachford and Crowded House.

2Day has not confirmed any change in music policy for the station, which declined steadily in the ratings last year. We will keep you posted on updates if a response is received from the station.


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