The first ever SEA 20 Summit… no shirt fronting required

91.9 Sea FM on the Sunshine Coast was looking for a way to jump onto the hype of the G20 Summit that is about to happen down the road in Brisbane.

“With the high level of security that is present, there was no way Sea FM would have been able to pull of any stunt, so we look at doing something similar to what was actually going on… let’s have our own Summit,” said Content Director Ryan Khay.
So each night this week a small handful of core listeners have been into the station to sit around the boardroom and chat. In essence it is a Listener Advisory Board under a different name.

We have asked them questions about the station, our music, Announcers and the Sunshine Coast Lifestyle.
With a free feed, and nightly prizes It has had a great response with the listeners and we have gained some valuable insight.
Although we didn’t get world leaders, the Sea FM on-air team have popped in and welcomed the listeners before the forum started each night.

It’s a way to capitalize on the G20 summit with the ‘SEA 20 SUMMIT…. and no shirt fronting was required.

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