Fitzy & Wippa come out in support of same sex marriage

It’s hard to take anything Fitzy & Wippa say seriously. The most serious topic they discussed recently was, “Are you worried about your son playing with dolls?” They tend to leave the political stuff, issues that affect us and our nation, to the people downstairs from them at 2GB. But this time there’s no prank phone call or hidden camera to see how passers-by react to a well placed whoopee cushion. This time Fitzy & Wippa are taking a serious political stance announcing to their Nova 969 listeners that they whole heartedly support the Australian Marriage Equality’s ‘I Do’ campaign.

Although there’s not been much mention, either for or against the same sex marriage bill soon to be put before the parliament, on the breakfast show downstairs, Fitzy & Wippa can take heart that they join many other Australian entertainers, sporting personalities and politicians with their support – among them Hugh Jackman, (main pic) Daniel Macpherson, Magda Szubanski, Megan Gale and Guy Pearce.

Fitzy & Wippa told their audience, “For us this isn’t about Marriage Equality, it’s simply about Equality. We’re proud to support the “I Do” campaign and do whatever we can to bring about equality for all Australians.”

A number of listeners rang to support their views. Chris from Darlinghurst called and said that it felt wrong to have to go overseas to marry. He also went on to say that it’s inevitable for Australia to accept same sex marriages eventually, and he wants to get married in the country he loves and lives in.

Alex Greenwich, (left) National Convener Australian Marriage Equality said “Only ten more votes are needed for the Senate to pass a reform that will strengthen families, provide couples with greater security, and fulfill the aspirations of a clear majority of Australians.”

To encourage undecided senators Australian Marriage Equality has launched a new online campaign to enable supporters of marriage equality to quickly and easily write to their undecided Senators. The campaign was launched last week, and has already seen tens of thousands of emails being sent to undecided Senators.



Below: Fitzy & Wippa