Fitzy & Wippa take viewers behind the scenes and leave their clothes on

Famous for their wacky stunts and naked romps through the studio, in an Australian first, NOVA’s Fitzy & Wippa will exclusively broadcast an hour behind the scenes of their Nova 96.9 Sydney breakfast show live on YouTube – fully clothed.

The warts and all broadcast, featuring full frontal nudity covered by clothes, will give listeners a rare glimpse live in to the studio and what happens when the mics are usually turned off in the world of breakfast radio.

Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli is excited for the broadcast and said “I’m looking forward to the YouTube broadcast but I find it hard enough to concentrate for five minutes for the radio show, let alone an hour for the cameras which will make for interesting viewing”.

Fitzy & Wippa have prepared some unique surprises for viewers.

Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald referenced previous YouTube appearances, “I think Australia has seen enough naked Fitzy & Wippa, it’s about time we featured on YouTube with some clothes on”.

The live broadcast from 8am-9am tomorrow (Friday May 24th) is in partnership with YouTube Comedy Week and designed to launch Fitzy & Wippa’s new YouTube Channel.

The broadcast will be hosted on Fitzy & Wippa’s new YouTube channel