Fitzy & Wippa’s surprise for Jorja

Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa granted the wish of a young girl, Jorja Hope who is desperate to meet Taylor Swift before she loses her hearing.
Fitzy & Wippa invited Jorja and her twin sister Chloe into Nova for a ‘station tour,’ but what they didn’t realise was that Fitzy & Wippa  had a very special surprise for them.
When Jorja, Chloe and their Mum Mel came into the studio Fitzy asked Jorja, “you were in the paper recently weren’t you?… what was the story?” 
Jorja said, “about me meeting Taylor Swift before I go deaf”
Fitzy said, “so you have a condition now that you could go deaf any time… what was the first thing you said?”  
Jorja said, “I won’t be able to see Taylor Swift live, or meet her”
Jorja’s Mum Mel explained, “she’s had hearing problems on and off throughout her life, but this diagnosis, and we found out about the deterioration about 6 weeks ago… she’s had hearing aids fitted, at the moment it’s a 45 decibel loss in both ears… as it gets worse… it will get to a point when the hearing aids won’t be effective”
Fitzy asked Jorja what she would you say to Taylor Swift if she got to meet her and Jorja replied, “I might be on the floor… I would probably not be saying anything because I wouldn’t know what to say”
Fitzy then revealed to Jorja “we’re going to help you meet Taylor Swift”
Jorja was speechless. 
Fitzy started to get emotional and said, “Oh you’re making me cry”
Wippa said, “she’ll be here in the country, and we’ve organised for you to meet Taylor”
Wippa asked her if she has ever seen Taylor Swift perform live and Jorja said, “No, but because I couldn’t see her live I made Mum buy the concert DVDs to watch, so I was bouncing up and down in the CD place, begging Mum to buy her latest DVD she put out because I really want it”
Jorja’s Mum Mel said, “It’s been a long process, but just to get that wish and if she loses her hearing next year this is something that she’ll never forget, she’ll always have that voice and always have that memory”


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