Five fabulous decades: Community station 3CR launches major fundraiser

This month, Melbourne community radio station 3CR is aiming to raise $275,000 through its major fundraiser – the 2024 Radiothon ‘Sound on for Solidarity.’

‘Solidarity’ has been at the heart of 3CR’s work for nearly five decades across a range of issues and themes.

3CR gained its licence in 1976 and at the time was recognised as Australia‘s first community owned and community run radio station.

Still going strong nearly fifty years later, the station relies on the generous support of the community to provide grassroots media access to a wide variety of issues and groups.

3CR’s annual Radiothon runs throughout June

The station says “Right now, 3CR needs your support to maintain its independence and continue to be the voice of the community. Please help the station build their media advocacy and solidarity work by donating to the 2024 Radiothon today”

Details on how to donate here.

Artwork by Aretha Brown.

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