Stuff partners with Brodie Kane Media

Stuff Group has signed a new strategic partnership with Brodie Kane Media, the producer of The Girls Uninterrupted and Kiwi Yarns podcasts, towards new products and sponsorship opportunities for Stuff’s audio division.

Stuff Head of Audio Laura Heathcote (pictured left) said:

“Our podcasts are going from strength to strength – last month we won Best New Audio Product at the International News Media Association’s global awards in London for Newsable; our new crime series The Lost Boy is currently one of the top charting podcasts in Aotearoa and the first of our new paid subscription products.

It’s no secret that Stuff Audio is on a roll and joining forces with Brodie’s exceptional brand talent is a fantastic fit. Brodie’s worked incredibly hard to build strong, loyal audiences for these podcasts and by leveraging the scale and reach of Stuff, these great listens will now reach the ears of even more Kiwis.”

Brodie Kane (pictured right) says:

“I get to chat to some of the country’s most captivating personalities for Kiwi Yarns, and talk the walk of everyday women with Gracie Hitchcock and Caitlin Marrett in The Girls Uninterrupted. I’m stoked to be working with Stuff to connect both of these podcasts with more listeners across the motu.

This is a real pinch-me moment showing how far Brodie Kane Media has come. My podcasts started in the middle of the 2020 lockdown in my bedroom at Waikuku Beach with my Mum and Connor Dog as my chief advisers, and now Brodie Kane Media is partnering with New Zealand’s leading media organisation. I can’t wait to see what this partnership will bring!”

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