Flint Resignation: Government Reaction

Communications’ Minister, Daryl Williams, has issued a brief statement in Canberra, in response to the David Flint resignation.

Professor Flint has today advised me that he is resigning as Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA), effective from 2 July 2004.

“This was a decision made by Professor Flint and I understand he has made his reasons clear in a press conference today.

“The Government will consider the position of acting Chairman of the ABA in conjunction with consideration of forthcoming vacancies on the Board.

“In the meantime, the Deputy Chairperson Lyn Maddock will act in the position.

“Arrangements for the planned merger of the ABA and the Australian Communications Authority to form a new Australian Communications and Media Authority are underway.

“As previously announced, the Government intends that the new body will be established by 1 July 2005.”