Flint to Stay – latest developments

After a two hour special meeting this evening, the ABA board has confirmed that David Flint will stay on as Chairman.

radioinfo has been told that Professor Flint retains the full support of the Board.

Meanwhile John Laws says he now has proof of the existence and dates of three more letters between Flint and Jones, one of which expresses “a general allegiance” with Chairman Flint.

Former ABA board member Kerry Henderson has called on ABA Chairman Flint to make all the correspondence public.

And in an amusing twist on the saga, Steve Price’s 2UE Drive program, which uses Alan Jones’ old fax number, received a letter of support for Jones from MP Danna Vale.

Red faced Danna Vale confirmed the fax had been sent from her office. It says: “Thinking of you Alan, and write to assure you of our warm support; and to add our names to the long list of all your friends.”

In other key developments overnight:

* Prime Minister John Howard has brushed off a suggestion he might have lied about whether Alan Jones pressured him into reappointing the ABA Chairman.

*Mr Howard has sought departmental advice on what David Flint has described as a ‘stream of letters’ between him and Jones.

*The Government has been drawn deeper into the scandal, after Danna Vale’s botched fax in support of Jones.