Ford innovations put Pandora and Digital Radio in new cars

Ford’s new AppLink sync technology is being used to put music streaming app Pandora into itse latest range of new Australian cars.

Pandora is one of the key features in the app enabled interface, but Pandora is not the only app available to new car drivers. Once connected, the sync function “uses voice-activated technology to connect you with some of your favourite smartphone applications while driving,” and can conect to other phone apps, including TuneIn Radio.

Outside of the synched phone functions of the dashboard, the car also has digital radio.

“The car is the traditional home of radio, and with Pandora now seamlessly incorporated in many models of Ford vehicles, we can ensure our listeners continue enjoying Pandora no matter where they are commuting or travelling. Listeners will enjoy the fully integrated suite of Pandora features, replicated from their mobile to the dashboard in their vehicle, ensuring driver focus remains where it should be, on the road,” said Pandora’s director of business development Rick Gleave in a media statement.

The new Ford models also come equipped with digital radio reception as part of the radio section of the connected dashboard (pictured below).

Ford’s product description says: “No need to press buttons to find the station you want. Opt for SYNC™2, and you can simply use voice commands to find the station or program you want on AM/FM radio. You can also enjoy crystal clear radio broadcasts and more radio stations with Digital Audio Broadcast.”

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