FOX still has the numbers, Kyle & Jackie gain ground: Cumes

FOX FM is still winning the numbers game in a single market with 1,151,000 listeners, despite losing 27,000 during Survey 6.

Nova 100, Gold 104.3 and Nova 96.9 all have seven figure audiences with both KIIS stations and both smoothfm stations in Sydney and Melbourne in the 900’s.

At 2Day FM there was little if any change to the numbers in Breakfast, down just 3,000 while overall the station gained 27,000 to move to 668,000 overall.

Stations with over 500,000 listeners

Fifi Fev & Byron still have the biggest breakfast audience (622,000) but are now only just in front of Kyle & Jackie O who picked up another 13,000 to move to 618,000.

At Triple M in Sydney, Moonman in the Morning has had its best result for the year, up 9,000 listeners to 331,000.

2Day FM’s breakfast result is a mix of the new format with Jamie Angel and the previous breakfast team of Ed, Grant & Ash.


Gold 104.3 made good gains overall in Melbourne and Christian O’Connell’s breakfast show also had a good result in Survey 6.







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