Frenzal Rhomb – New Triple J Breakfast Team

During Adam & Wil’s final Triple J breakfast show today, the pair have announced their successors. Jay and The Doctor (Jason Whalley and Lindsay McDougall) will be the new breakfast presenters on the national youth network.

The new presenters are ‘dazed’ by their meteoric rise from casual Saturday afternoon presenters, and weekday afternoon replacements.

Not known for their fondness of early hours (or daylight generally), Jason Whalley and Lindsay McDougall (one half of Frenzal Rhomb) will discover a part of the day they did not know existed.

On Saturday 4 December, Jay and The Doctor will do their final Saturday shift for 2004. Then, from 6am on Monday 17 January, they begin their new breakfast show replacing Anderson and Spenceer.

Anderson joined Spencer on breakfast in early 2000 and the chemistry between them was immediately apparent.

Their time together has proven to be extremely fruitful for Triple J, with the pair attracting and maintaining a loyal audience.

Spencer says: “Leaving such an awesome place, and such an incredible job is not an easy decision. But, if you’d really like to discuss it, leave me your home phone number and I’ll call you at 4.15am tomorrow – and the day after – and the day after that!”

Earlier this year, Anderson said: “Working at Triple J has, without doubt, been the best job I have ever had, and don’t let the fact that it’s the only job I’ve ever held down in any way detract from that. I intend to spend the rest of the year making the funniest radio we have ever done (plus stealing heaps of stationery!).”

Station Manager, Linda Bracken, says: “We’re sad to see Adam and Wil leave, but glad we’ve had the benefit of their unique humour and intelligence on the radio for as long as we have.”

The pair has already undertaken a national farewell tour of ‘live’ stand up together, called ‘The Last Time’.