Frequency switch proposed for three regional stations

Three stations in Mandurah, WA and Warrnambool, Victoria could soon swap between AM and FM.


Of proposals released today by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Chair, Nerida O’Loughlin said ‘FM radio provides improved audio quality for listeners in regional areas.’ 

‘Some regional commercial radio stations are seeking to move services to FM from AM where possible. The ACMA is charged with facilitating these moves while ensuring that audiences in regional areas do not lose important radio services’.

‘It is also up to each broadcaster to decide when they make the transition.’

In Mandurah, the proposal is that 6MM would convert to FM. In Warrnambool, 3YB would convert to FM. This will involve a frequency swap with 3RPH, a talk radio service for the print handicapped, operating in the area.

Once the exchange is complete, 3YB will broadcast on FM and 3RPH will broadcast on AM. AM frequencies are considered more suitable for talk radio services and the conversion to AM radio will increase 3RPH’s reception area.

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