The Funniest Place in Australia to be a be a Breakfast Host

Breakfast in Darwin

Recently we shone the spotlight on Lu and Matt from 105.7 The River and kicked off the chat with a moral dilemma.
It’s a good way to see if co-hosts are on the same page or polar opposites in their thinking.
Let’s head to Darwin and test out the breakfast team from Mix 104.9.
Ali, you and your on-air partner Greg are stranded on an island. Unfortunately, you are both fatally ill. It just so happens that you have an antibiotic that can cure your illness. However, there is just enough antibiotic to save only one person. How would you choose which one of you will take the antibiotic?

 “I wouldn’t waste it on Greg, he’s almost done anyway.”
Probably a good answer Ali considering he said he’d give you the pill but “I’d tell her it’s to be taken as a suppository.”
Alice (Ali) Burton and Greg Vincent are, as mentioned Darwin’s breakfast team on Mix 104.9 starting together on-air the day after Australia Day this year.
It’s enough time for the market to get to know them although you can’t show all your cards at once.
So what is one thing your listeners wouldn’t know about you?
“I’m secretly training to step into the boxing ring and have my first fight,” reveals Ali.
 While Greg, “…gave up radio a few years back to work in a fish market. It lasted a fortnight,    back to radio after that.”
And Darwin is an exciting place to be on radio…
“UFO invasions, croc shocks and crackers up clackers, there is never a dull moment in the Northern Territory. Where else would someone order hot chips naked (Fast Food in the Nude), kidnap their neighbour’s cat, then return it partly shaved (Catnappers Shaved My Pussy) or host a mad buck’s party (Best Man Left Bleeding After Being Hit in The Head with A Flying Dildo). Stories such as these reflect the unique character of the Territory which provides fantastic content for radio. It’s true that people in Darwin really do do more stupid things per head of population than almost anywhere else. We love our quirkiness. You can’t have airs and graces when you have sweat running down your face and legs,” explains Ali. 
“Darwin is a sensational place to be employed in Radio. It’s so far away from everything for good reason. It’s because we’re all mad up here. That makes for a perfect environment as a broadcaster. Once you put aside the typical clichés of crocodiles and beer drinking, the Territory has a wonderful warming character that those who live here could only ever understand,” adds Greg.
And while the duo enjoys catching up together after work for a drink like most Territorians, “Ali and I spend time together after work on many occasions. It’s important to see each other out of the work environment and blow a bit of steam as the studio can be a sauna at times. We both realize our different personalities work in our favor on-air and as a brand.”
…there is one thing that frustrates Greg.
“…her 2.5kilo Silky Terrier Yarni, who she brings into the studio some mornings. Never did I think something so small could produce such a stink. Problem escalates when there’s a guest about to come into the studio. Hello Glen 20.  Otherwise, the dog is perfect for disarming nervous interviewees.”

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