Gaby’s star is rising

We are all familiar with the “face for radio” line and let’s agree, there is some truth in that.
However, Gaby Fitzgerald is one jock the ol’ line doesn’t sit with.
The former Star 104.5 announcer has picked herself up a gig in front of the camera.
“Yes!” says Gaby. “I’m now working in Sydney for a company called Big Review TV. They are an online platform with presenters from all around the world. We film in the UK, San Fran, New York, New Zealand etc.”
“It’s a great stepping stone for me. I am currently one of their Sydney presenters.”
A 2013 AFTRS graduate, Gaby was offered a full-time gig in Hobart in 2014 while working casually for a station in Townsville.
“I was Music Director and Announcer.
“I lasted a solid 9 months in Hobart before THE Shayne Sinclair inboxed me on Facebook asking me if I wanted to come home… so I did. Landing a job with Star 104.5 as their Operations Manager and Announcer.”

And while Gaby is enjoying her foray into presenting she hasn’t given up on radio.
“I love radio.”
“I think if I were to go back though, it would be to do an actual show –  I may be young but I already have some great stories to tell,” 
she laughs
And with so much under her belt in just a couple of years in the media, what advice does Gaby have for up and coming announcers?
“You’re going to hit a wall at some point in your career. Please don’t be disheartened if you’re struggling to find work or your air checks just seem to be nothing but ‘that could have been better’.”
“I didn’t realize how green I was until Shayne and I sat back and listened to my air checks from ages ago…”

“ But practice makes perfect, it’s really that simple.”
“I was so caught up in being the best I could be straight away that I didn’t get to enjoy the ride as much. I’m trying to learn from that now”
“A wise man by the name of Smallzy once told me to paddle and paddle and paddle to ride that big wave. (sorry Smallz it sounded better when you said it to me).”

*You can check out some of the cool places she shoots on Gaby’s Instagram gabymae_

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