Gary Roberts leaving Austereo Perth

After ten years as Managing Director of MIX 94.5, eight years in the dual role of Managing Director of 92.9 and MIX 94.5 and almost five years with Austereo, Gary Roberts has decided that he will not be renewing his contract when it expires on June 30.

Gary Roberts told AMT: “The last ten years have been very rewarding and I am proud of what has been achieved. For both stations to dominate the Perth market for all but a handful of surveys over the last decade, is a tribute to the very talented and dedicated team.”

AMT: What have been your highlights in your time with Austereo. Roberts: The real highlight of my time with Austereo has been the opportunity to work with a great team of people who are committed and passionate about winning. The core members of this team have been responsible for the Perth duopoly winning all but a handful of surveys over the last decade and I am going to miss working with them. The highlights of the last year include the rebuild of 92.9 back to Perth’s No.1 station under 40 and MIX 94.5 winning its 20th consecutive survey and also achieving for the first time in the Perth market a cumulative audience of over 500,000.

AMT: You leave at a time when the two stations are doing very well. Was there any underlying reason behind going at this time. Roberts: This is not a decision I would have made 12 months ago, when we were going through the difficult process of rebuilding 92.9. As the last of the original people left who launched FM radio in the Perth market 22 years ago, I think its time to take on a new challenge. With MIX 94.5 and 92.9 at No.1 and No.2 and dominant in their target demographics, I feel comfortable that now is the best time for me to move on as there will be plenty of time for my successor to step into the role before DMG launch in the marketplace.

AMT: Do you have a non-compete clause in your contract? If so how long is it? Roberts: My contract expires on June 30, when I will be heading overseas and I will worry about what I am doing with the rest of my life when I return.

AMT: Do you think DMG might be talking to you at some time in the future about running their new Perth station? Roberts: I have no idea what DMG’s plans are.

In the last decade, Roberts lead a team that rebuilt MIX 94.5 from No.5 in the Perth marketplace to it’s current position at No.1 and created Perth’s first radio duopoly with the purchase of PMFM (now 92.9). In 1997, the duopoly was purchased for a record price by Austereo of $100,000,000. MIX 94.5 has now been No.1 overall in the Perth marketplace for the last 20 consecutive surveys and 92.9 is Perth’s No.1 radio station for under 40 year olds.

Austereo Group Managing Director Brad March said “Gary has been a great contributor to our success in the Perth market. I would like to thank Gary for his hard work, dedication and leadership and we wish him well in his future endeavours.” To provide an opportunity for Austereo employees, the position will be advertised internally in the first instance.