Gavin Miller’s Classic Hits Countdown – now on 20 radio stations

Gavin Miller left ARN’s Gold 104.3 Drive program in December of 2021 to follow a dream of unrestricted travel and creating content he was passionate about.

That passion includes the golden oldies he left behind with his weekly two-hour Classic Hit Countdown, featuring the top 20 songs from a certain year and a trip down memory lane, now playing on 20 radio stations across Australia.

Stations include 2UE, Magic 1278 Melbourne, 4BH, 4VL, 4ZR, 4GC, 4LM, 4HI, 4LG, 4SB, 3YB FM, Gippsland’s Gold, Territory FM Darwin, 3SH, 3WM, 3HA, 3CS, 3NE, 2QN and 2AY.

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