Geoff Field back on air with 2SM

 After more than 18 years working on FM radio, Geoff Field is heading back to AM … and FM.
Geoff was unceremoniously let go from 2Day FM a year ago after the Hit Network opted for a national news update read by Emma Freedman.
After a year travelling the world with his partner Jason, Geoff will be joining the 2SM Super Network which not only supplies news to Sydney, but services almost 40 other stations in NSW and Queensland.
I’ve had a blessed career in radio, having worked in the industry since leaving school and joining my local radio station 2ST at the age of 16,” says Geoff.
Over the last 12 months I taken time to travel with my partner of more than 20 years, and think about my future.
“I am fortunate to have been offered several jobs, but it was the phone call and interview with the news director of 2SM, Dianne Coveny-Garland that made me realise radio was my future.
“The network has a commitment to news, with a team of enthusiastic journalists and reporters that go to the scene. This is heartening for someone like me as I’ve watched other newsrooms shrink, with cutbacks to news and reporters.”
Geoff posted on his Facebook page yesterday hinting at his new job and getting plenty of reaction.
“I can’t wait to start next week, just part time for now.
“Having read news for the likes of Derryn Hinch, Ita Buttrose, Wendy Harmer, Kyle and Jackie O and Hamish and Andy, now I may get the chance to read for radio icons John Laws and Grant Goldman.
“It will also be nice to be contributing to news that is heard in places like Newcastle, Toowoomba, Tamworth, the Gold Coast and Coffs Harbour.
“I’m excited about this next chapter in my career, and after visiting the people I’ll be working with, I think it’s going to be a great time in my life.”

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