ACRA finalists Ryan and Jess reflect on their radio show

There are plenty of swings and round-a-bouts in the radio industry.
It’s not unusual for an ACRA finalist to have moved on from the company or station representing their work.
That’s the case with Ryan Warren and Jess Pantou who are finalists in the Best On-Air Team category
Ryan Warren started at Star 961 Limestone Coast in September 2014 with Jess joining Ryan to form “Ryan and Jess” in November 2015
Ryan has since been promoted to Digital Editor of the Greenfield Post in Melbourne and Jess is still working at StarFM on the Limestone Coast with new co-host Tim Bolch.
But that hasn’t stopped Ryan and Jess from celebrating the industry nod.
“I still keep checking the list every day to make sure my name is still on as a finalist,” says Jess.
“The only other thing I’ve ever won was 3rd place in a German poetry competition in year 8 my proudest achievement until now.”
I’ve never one won an ACRA before,” says Ryan.
“And I’ve never been nominated for any awards. I did win a coaches’ award in junior cricket, and I suppose that goes to show that I know how to suck up to the right people. Also, the coach was my cousin, so you may say it was a textbook case of nepotism.”
 Given that since the nomination you’ve both moved on, does it make you feel nostalgic for the show?
“Absolutely,” says Jess.
“We had a great thing going together. I was so crazy lucky to land in my first ever commercial breakfast show with someone who became my best mate instantly and Ryan really put up with a lot from me. So yeah I did get a bit nostalgic had a listen back to some breaks together when the finalists were announced.”
Nostalgic for the show?” asks Ryan.
“Absolutely. For the early morning’s, not a bit. I’m nostalgic about getting to work with my best mate and make each other laugh while, hopefully, entertaining our audience at the same time.”
What do you miss about each other?
“Ryan took me under his wing from day one and was super patient with all my really dumb questions,” says Jess.
“He always had the answer to anything I asked radio related or otherwise so I guess I miss learning from him and of course just mucking around and producing silly things together.”
“Jess and I were on the same wavelength from day one,” adds Ryan.
“And being nominated for an ACRA within the first four months of our show is a testament to that. So you could say that I miss working with someone that I could trust would pick up the slack if I was having an off day, and make me look good by laughing at my (mostly terrible) jokes.”
Will you be going to the awards together?
“Absolutely!” says Jess. “I can’t wait to celebrate together. It’s going to be a great night.”
Ryan adds, “If I didn’t attend the awards with Jess I wouldn’t hear the end of it.”

You can see the full list of finalists here.


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