Geoff Field back “on the top rating Sydney station”

“It’s 3 months this week since I was told I was no longer needed at 2DayFM!,” wrote Geoff Field, journalist and one time newsreader on the Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show, on his facebook page.

“After the initial shock I’ve never been happier,” he says, “For the first time in my adult life I have time to do things like travel when I want to, and I’ve realised the world does not revolve around radio.” 

Yet, it seems Geoff can’t stay away from it either.

“Looking forward to getting back on the radio in a few days time,” he teases, “It’s not a full time job, but it will involve me speaking into a microphone on the top rating Sydney station.”

That would be 2GB wouldn’t it?

“Just a one-off – but I’m looking forward to it – I don’t intend getting back into the workforce for a few months yet,” says Geoff – with more to come.