Get more Up To Speed with the Māori language and Stacey Morrison

Stacey Morrison with New Zealand Media and Entertainment’s Flava radio station and iHeartRadio have launched the second season of Māori language podcast, Up to Speed with Te reo Māori.

Season two brings bite-sized episodes designed to quickly familiarise listeners with essential and frequently used Māori language phrases and words using quotes and real-life examples and with additional insights and tips.

NZ radio personality Stacey Morrison is back and said:

“Both Season one and two have come from my observation that people are hearing Te reo Māori phrases in conversation and although interested, may feel a bit unsure what they mean or how to pronounce them, so I wanted to provide a free resource to help them get up to speed in a time-efficient way. This is not a learning podcast that starts with basics and moves through, there are real-life examples grouped in themes like sports and commentary, education and schools, values and protocols, proverbs (whakataukī), Māori names for public services, events (hui), and the art of establishing connections through pepeha – tribal sayings, food, and drink.”

Marty Hehewerth, Flava Content Director, said:

“Stacey brings a unique blend of expertise and warmth, making it an absolute must-listen for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your language skills. At Flava we take pride in offering our hosts a platform to celebrate and advocate for their diverse cultures. Building on the success of Flava Drive host Mariner (Maz) Fagaiava’s Island Roots and Auckland Ways podcast earlier this year, we are looking forward to continuing to add to our content offerings at Flava.”

The complete second series of Up to Speed with Te reo Māori is available now on iHeartRadio or wherever you get your podcasts

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