GetUp and Destroy the Joint shame petition close to target


The petition demanding that 2SM management ensure their presenters receive appropriate training in how to talk about the issue of sexual abuse has nearly reached its target, with 37,234 signatures registered as of this Easter weekend.

The campaign follows Laws’ comments to a rape victim and a combined campaign from lobby groups Destroy the Joint and GetUp to pressure Laws to apologise.

The petition, says: “Don’t let John Laws move into the next media cycle without feeling the consequences of last week’s vile comments. Let’s show John Laws, 2SM management and the owners of Super Radio Network that blaming sexual assault survivors on the air will not be tolerated by the Australian public…”

As well as asking people to sign the petition, it urges them to make a formal complaint to 2SM’s management because that is the only official way that a radio station is obliged to take notice of complaints.

The Destroy the Joint facebook page says it has had an “influx” of new Destroyers “possibly as a result of the collaboration between DtJ and GetUp on this campaign.”

A post on the Getup facebook page says John Laws received almost 10,000 emails in the campaign against victim blaming.