Glenn Robbins & Dave O’Neil – Now I’ll have to Kill You

Iit has the most interesting name of any radio show we’ve heard in a while…..”Now I’ll have to Kill You”.
The brainchild of Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neil, “Now I’ll have to Kill You” is a tell all radio chat show that will go to air on ABC Local Radio each weeknight for the next two weeks.
Glenn and Dave will be joined on the show by a who’s who of Australian Comedy.
Special guests will include Fiona O’Loughlin, Lawrence Mooney, Santo Cilauro, Brian Nankervis, Ed Kavalee, Celia Pacquola, Sam Pang, Rob Sitch, Adam Rozenbachs, Katie Dimond, Shaun Micallef and Adam Zwar.
Glenn and Dave will be putting their guests under the griller to get them to divulge their darkest secrets, embarrassing moments and intimate personal stories.
Like which local comedian is carrying around in their back pocket a piece of ancient Roman ruin they broke off whilst on a holiday?

Who in Melbourne’s comedy fraternity has secretly tried on one of their wife’s dresses when she wasn’t home?

And which entertainer short-changed his young son’s experience of Oliver the stage show by buying him an ice-cream and telling him the show was over at interval just because he hates musicals?
Now I’ll Have to Kill You! is part of ABC’s summer broadcast schedule.

The series goes to air nationally each weeknight at 9.30pm from Monday 16th December until Friday 27th December.

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